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Coolomat is an automated Click & Collect solution, with an electronically managed system of lockers available 24 hours. It is adapted for food storage, as well as regular parcels.

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Convenient locations

Coolomat gives customers the possibility to pick up groceries or other purchases bought on the internet. Thanks to coolomat clients don’t have to waste time in lines or wait for the courier at home!


Boxes can be regulated from -20 C to + 10 C

From the structural point of view the coolomat is a modular container, which contains from 14 to N boxes. Each set of 7 boxes can be regulated from -20 to + 10 C. The system is centrally managed and retailers can communicate with it over our API.


The reasons You’ll Love It

Collect shopping when it suits you

You don't have to wait for a courier arriving at a particular time.

don't wait for delivery


Available 24 h

Receive your shopping in a convenient location (24/7/365) - on petrol stations or close to your home.

In a convenient location

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Don't stay in lines

Save your time, collecting shopping from coolomat takes less than 1 minute.

And spend time as you like


We make your life easier

How it works?

Why you love coolomat? [watch the video]

Who we are?

An international team of Coolomat

We are an international team of experts in the field of IT, technology, machinery and refrigeration. Our goal is to satisfy the niche which is growing demand for click & collect solutions in Europe. We have extensive experience in building a dedicated platforms for both e-commerce and use machines. Our R&D has more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration systems which allows us for construction machines with the lowest coefficient of energy consumption, which translates into low operating costs.

Our technology

No ice condensation inside
The temperature inside, ranging from -20 to +10
Environment friendly power consumption at 900W
Resistant to vandalism and various weather conditions

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tel: +48 32 888 51 99

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Coolomat sp. z o.o.
NIP: 675 150 06 05
ul. Nowy Świat 33/13
00-029 Warszawa

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+48 32 77 88 999

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